Investment strategy

In order to begin to form your portfolio with in hyip industry, you must have clear understanding of hyip market and make sure you do know how to conduct risk management to avoid unnecessary losses and disappointment.

Hedge and balance your portfolio and break your investment in to several programs. On the hyip market there are always hyip that offer reasonable returns and they usually staying and paying longer. Other hyip offer higher returns and statistically go out of business in first 90 days. The other type of hyip that offer extremely high returns and extremely short period of time, usually go out of business in 2-3 days, some may stay up to 10 to 15 days at the most.

When you investing in the hyip market always keep in mind that you should secure your initial capital. For example, if you invested in hyip $100 and received return $50, do not reinvest back all the amount. Withdraw your initial capital of $100 and invest $50 to the next hyip. This way if loss occurs, your initial capital is safe.

Another way to manage your investment strategically is to make sure you are not only protecting your initial capital but some of the profit as well. After all you are investing in hyip in order to gain. The simple formula to manage profit is follow:

Let’s say you invested $100 and received profit of $50. Withdrawing the finds will get you $150 as your active assets. Now you can place your $100 as initial capital back and invest the $50 you have earned. If the $50 investment came back successfully with profit, then you keep 50% of the profit and reinvest the rest. And since the loses will come at some point, you can say that you closed your first investment cycle, saved the initial capital and saved some of the profit. Only then you can start next investment cycle with the same principle. In long run you will end up with profit and most of all that matters with an investment experience.

At the end of the day you can form your own strategy and your own percentage of profit management, as long you act with discipline and understanding that running after fast profit will always result in losses in any financial markets and in any investment. Hyip is no different, and keep that always in mind, that on markets bulls and bears always make money, but pigs always get slaughtered.

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